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Global growth can be both daunting and rewarding. Stay ahead of the latest trends and technologies, get specialized support and take competitive advantage.


Successfully growing globally include:

  • You can extend the sales life of existing products and services by finding new markets to sell them in.

  • You can reduce your dependence on the markets you have developed already.

  • If your business is plagued by destabilizing fluctuations in your markets due to seasonal changes or demand cycles, you can even out your sales by tapping markets with different or even countercyclical fluctuations.

  • Finally, by entering the global marketplace, you'll learn how to compete against foreign companies and even take the battle to them on their own ground.


Starting from analyzing trends, tastes and new lifestyles to develop product lines and services that correspond to modern living and habitudes, I always placed tradition and craftsmanship among the highest values.


For the past 20 years, I have always been designing something: products, interiors, visual contents, business plans and marketing campaigns. I’ve built a thriving practice, amassed an enviable number of projects and earned the respect of my clients.


I am designer but most of all a doer. My ultimate measure of success is achieving “doability” using my “doing-ability”. These are not real words, but have a manifest meaning.


My work is more than words, more than images and beautiful products: it’s about inspiring ideas to life and proving the impossible is possible.


I’m a story teller who likes to develop projects with high aesthetic and emotional impact, where people get involved with the product, the service, the brand, and start to love it and those who create it.



Don’t manage with a one-size-fits-all approach. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable in failing to plan their strategy, but larger ones are often guilty of the same mistake. 


It takes far more time to extract yourself from problems created by lack of planning than it would to do it right the first time. Plan your moves and go for a mix, even joining your efforts with others. 


Study your best solution considering a non conventional approach to:

  • Cross-border marketing

  • Co-branding

  • Joint sales and promotions

  • Events & exhibitions

  • Communication & advertising

  • Stylistic and functional research


From the all-around concept to the brand positioning strategy, communication campaign and claim development, from the strategic marketing to the art direction and visual branding, from the study of image to the brand impact, this is the context where my work relates with the broader sphere of art direction, communication and marketing.

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